Dance! Dance! Die! is a 2 to 4 players couch game where you repeat a dance, one after the other, adding new moves to it, up until one of you fails the choreography and gets immediately killed.


Stan the Satanist : A Z Q S

Kananga the Voodoo : I O K L

Aarav the Hindi : Ins. Home. Del. End.

Johnny Disco : 5 6 2 3 (Numpad)

Each player can use 4 keys to dance. You can use 1-key moves, or 2-keys moves.

Players play by turn. When it's your turn, you must repeat the choreography made by the player before you. If you succeed, you have to add your new move to the choreography, thus increasing its length. Then it's up to the next player to put up with the updated choreography .

If you miss a move. You'll die. Brutally. That's it.


Lili Csonka - Art (

Maxime Bak - Art

Ingvar - Art

Keryann Malacchina - Programming & Game Design

Niels Tiercelin - Sound & Game Design (


Download (124 MB)
Mac (95 MB)

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