Entry for the Ludum Dare 34.


(Fullscreen recommended)

Your planet is under attack !

Gear up and annihilate the invaders with your planes, and track them down up to the stratosphere.


1. FLY WITH YOUR MOUSE. The plane will go towards your crosshair.

TIP : DON'T PUT THE CROSSHAIR TOO CLOSE TO THE PLANE. You won't have a smooth flying otherwise.

2. Dive to gain speed, HOLD LEFT CLICK TO SHOOT.(exepted for lvl 2 where you shoot by bursts)

3. USE YOUR SPECIAL SKILL WITH RIGHT CLICK. The big red button indicates when you can use it.

4.Kill enemies. Don't die.You'll get a better plane as you go up.


Level 1 : Rapid Dive to dodge enemies.

Level 2 : Full throttle dash. You are invulnerable and can pierce through enemies.

Level 3 : Drop a bomb. You can either wait for it to touch something or blow it up manually using Right Mouse Button Again.

Level 4 : Big Ass Laser. You can KILL EVERYTHING. Everywhere.

Credits :

Niels Tiercelin - Game Design and Programming ( twitter.com/NielsTiercelin )

Keryann Malacchina - Game Design and Programming

Lili Csonka - Character Art, Animations & FX ( twitter.com/CsonkaLili )

Maxime Bak - Environment Art, Title Screen & UI

Arthur Bonhomme - Sound Design

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